Ultradynamism is:

– The aggressive change, the somersault and the spacial jump, the dissolve of the tradition, admitting the interested appropriation.

-The seek of accuracy through estimation.

– The use of computers as an efficient element of the arts in order to introduce complex and accurate dimensions.

– The will of bringing spaces closer: Internet’s fractal aspects with its infinite relations and developments. The use of it as a space for exhibition, divulgation, and creation.

– The contribution of new systems in the knowledge of perceptual phenomena.

– The stimulus of interpretations, creating in the spectator a state of active participation.

– The production of improbable shapes, avoiding any predictable order.

-The incorporation in the pictorial space of uncertainty and surprise, instability and displacement. Improvisation, immediate solution, and wrongful appropriation in the public space.

– The inducement of the sensorial capacity through the projection of states, at times precise, ordered, and geometrical, other times chaotic, unstable, and liquid. To impress in art a rationalist and ordered vision that incorporates chance and the motion of the madding ultradynamic chaos.

– Sharp shapes, structures that offer an aggressive-active expression. Leaning directions that give figures a dynamic stability.

– The creation of rational work, bridge between art and science, in which the non-rational self is less interesting than the intention to arrange the impetus of the world through geometry, utilizing the creative exercise as a source of knowledge.

– Graffiti as the ultimate ism, consistent with the liquid modernity, with its transitory relations and its disposable and ephemeral condition.

– The intention to capture the velocity and the enormous ultradynamic information.

– The constant allusion to future and cosmos, through shape and concept, as an element of thrust towards the aforesaid. The reference to omnipresence and the aspiration to it through graffiti.

– The exaltation of the eternal omnipresent velocity, driving force of the absolute.

Valencia, 2nd November 2013

Pantone http://pant1.tumblr.com/



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