GRIS1 “Public provocation V” @ Colab Gallery


GRIS1 / collective show “Public provocation V” Colab Gallery

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The Colab Gallery

The Colab Gallery is located in Weil am Rhein, on the border to Switzerland and France. Since 2006 it has become one of the biggest international exhibition spaces for urban art. It was formed by Edwin Faeh (CEO, Carhartt Europe), for years a collector of urban art himself, and the artist Sigi von Koeding, also known as Dare, to show art which has its roots in urban space. This unique collaboration of these two personalities made it possible for more than 60 exceptional artists who have influenced or still influence the complexity of this urban discipline to meet in Weil am Rhein. The eclectic overture and reputation of the gallery extends beyond country borders and invites everybody to get to know this unique genre. The intention of the gallery is to represent and make this art available to a broad audience as well as to strengthen the location of the area of Weil am Rhein as a vibrant heart of the active and passive scene.


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